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We were with Hubby’s business partner over Independence Day. I’m not really sure what to think about the trip yet. It was a bit overwhelming.

We stayed with them in their homes (no, that isn’t a mistake. We stayed ‘in town’ and ‘on the ranch’.)

I didn’t bring a hostess gift because, well…. they are wealthy.

What do you bring to someone who has a private plane? And a 2000+ acre ranch? And 31 horses? And two full-time ranch hands?

How do you say ‘thank you’ to someone who calls his pilot one day ahead and says, “Hi Bud, do you have time to fly the plane down here and pick up my partner’s wife and Jr. (that’s what he called Vet2Be) and take them for a sight-seeing flight? I’ll be happy to pay the day rate.”

I wasn’t sure.

On our way home Hubby needed to stop at the lawyer’s office to sign some paperwork. Two doors down was a quilt shop! Much more interesting for me than sitting in the office.

I bought a pattern called, “Jacob’s Jazz”. It looked striking, but not too hard. One of those things that ‘grabbed’ me.

When I got home I went to the quilt store and bought some batik fabric, which wasn’t what I had in mind at all, but it ‘grabbed’ me just like the pattern did. I know better than to walk away from that gut feeling!

Between Sunday and Monday I got the top finished and found a wonderful machine quilter who will quilt it this week. I’ll bind it over the weekend and send it out on Monday.

They are a gracious and generous couple. I was happy to meet them and enjoyed their company, although I am still trying to ‘digest’ the weekend!

It is hard to see the pattern of the batik in the photo, but believe me, it is stunning! The pattern didn’t call for such a wide border, but when I laid the runner on top of the backing, it looked much better. So I added 4″ borders all around.

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