Table Runners

My friend gave me a beautiful table runner for Christmas. She borrowed a pattern I bought last year and hadn’t gotten around to making.

My daughter saw the table runner and loved it, too!

My daughter doesn’t sew, and had sworn when she first got married 8 years ago that she never would sew–she didn’t want to do anything that seemed to be like me.

Since she liked mine, I told her that it wasn’t that hard to sew, it only had straight seams, and that I had the fabric if she wanted to give it a try.

Her husband received a medical dis-charge from the Army last year and they haven’t found a job yet, so the incentive wasn’t really sewing and spending time with mom…. it was the fact that the gift was cheap and I had the supplies.

Surprisingly, she enjoyed making the one for her mother-in-law so much that she wanted to make one for herself!

Here is a photo of hers…

The Autumn side….

The Christmas side…

The great thing about this pattern is that the batting is sewn in as you are sewing the fabric together. When the ‘putting the pieces together’ part is done, the only finishing work is the binding.

Here is the link to the Quilt Company, the company that sells the pattern.

It took my daughter about 4 hours total to choose the fabric, sew the table runner, and put the binding on. An experienced quilter/sewer with a fabric stash could probably get one done in about 90 minutes.

I think hers turned out just beautifully! And I’m happy to say that she enjoyed the process!

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