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Talking Turkey, More Hay Cubes, and a New Neigh-bor

Brownie, the Turkey

Brownie, my favorite turkey.
Yes! We have one turkey hen named Brownie.

Brownie loves to talk to me every morning. She likes to talk to visitors, too! She’s very friendly and thinks humans are just wonderful.

More Hay Cubes

We needed more hay on the farm. It’s been cold so the animals are eating more food to keep warm. We’re very lucky to have such good friends that like to help us. Travis’ truck can carry more than our truck can so we were able to get two bags this time. Both Bryon and Travis have tractors so they take turns unloading the bags of hay when we bring them to the farm.

The hay gets stored in the barn. It’s much easier to keep it dry in the barn. Travis will come get some whenever he needs some for his animals across the street. He doesn’t have a barn yet.

I think its fun to watch the tractor work! Both Bryon and Travis are good with the tractor. This time Travis moved the cubes. I think these two friends like to take turns driving their tractor. They like to share their tractor tools, too. Bryon has some equipment for our tractor, and Travis has different equipment for his tractor. These two good men know how to share!

Did you notice how dirty the barn floor is? I keep it covered with sawdust in the winter so that the smooth cement floor isn’t slippery. I don’t want to slip and fall on the cement. I really don’t want any of the animals with hooves to slip on the cement, either!

Gunner Update

Do you remember Sophie’s little goat with the broken leg? He had his hoof and the bottom part of his leg amputated because the wound was so bad.

He’s a 3-legged goat now. Do you think that stops him from playing and having fun?

No! He still climbs on the tractor when he gets let out of his pen.
He can climb all the way up onto the seat.
Gunner and Creamy, his sister, still like to play.

Gunner still spends a lot of time inside. His leg is still healing. He gets to go outside every day for ‘goat recess’ so he can spend time with his sister, and get some fresh air and sunshine.

A New Neigh-bor

We don’t have any horses.

Our neighbor brought her horse to their pasture. The horse is healing from surgery on her leg. It’s really fun to see a horse next door. I hope to get more pictures this week. She’s been inside a lot while her leg heals.

I’m not sure which animal is my favorite. I like horses and chickens and cows and sheep and goats. If I had to choose one animal to keep, it would probably be MissE, our new cow. I think cows are just wonderful!

I choose not to have a horse because they take a lot of time, and they cost a lot to feed. Riding horses is a lot of fun. I like having animals that give me milk and meat and eggs. Horses don’t do that. I can have fun with the animals that I have, even though I don’t ride them.

Before we had goats, cows, and sheep, we had horses. Sometimes interests change for adults just like they do for children.

For now, I am very happy with the animals I have.


We have lived in our town since 1990.
We have lived on our little farm since 1995.

I would miss meeting you if you and your family can’t come when we have Farm Day in the Spring. Sometimes families call and come another time when we can both get together. There will be more activities to do when you come for Farm Day. It’s always fun to see the animals, even if we don’t have activities.

We’re not sure when Farm Day will be this spring. We’ll get together with your teachers after some of the goat kids are born. We’ll figure out a good day for the teachers and for me. I also have to make sure that my friends can come help with the activities.

It must seem like an easy thing to 2nd graders for me to plan a Farm Day and have 150 people come to my house. It’s fun for me, but it’s a lot of work. I have to coordinate with different people and make sure the activities are ready. I make sure the animals are ready for visitors. I get the barnyard ready for visitors by cleaning up the mess and mud from winter.

One of my friends is going to help me be a better farm teacher by helping me teach you something interesting at each station this spring. I’m excited about that! I enjoy getting better at everything I do!

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