The Big Turkey and the Little Calf

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you get to be around your family and friends? We did! It was so much fun!

Everyone was here for at least a little while. And we had a few visitors, too. We ate lots of food and had lots of fun conversations.

I’m very grateful that my children all close by and that we get to spend time together often. I’m grateful that there is enough room at our table for people who would like to come spend Thanksgiving with us.

Our turkey was 44 pounds!
How much do you weigh?
An average 2nd grader weighs about 50 pound
so our turkey weighed almost as much as you do!
We cooked our turkey outside on the smoker
because the turkey was too big to fit into the oven!

It took two people to put it on the smoker,
and two people to bring it into the house.
Look at the size of that turkey leg!

It was too big to fit on the roaster so we had to do something a little different this year. We spatchcocked the turkey. What a funny word! You can see how to spatchcock a turkey here.

We had 6 bags of leftover turkey. That’s a lot of leftovers!

Did you have leftovers, too?

*     *     *     *     *     *

Sadie was born around noon on Friday, November 22.
It was a bit chilly outside so we dried her off with some towels.

Echo cleaned her off, too.

We moved her into the stall where it was out of the wind.
Calves learn how to walk right after they are born,
but they are a little wobbly.

Here’s Sadie all dried off and resting under the heat lamp to keep her warm.

Can you believe that Sadie is running around like this the day after she was born?

It’s been cold so we got her a coat. She’ll grow faster and stay healthier with a coat on.

Her coat is a bit big, but she’ll grow so quickly that it will fit her just right in a few weeks.

Calves are so cute! Sadie is so sweet! I feed her with a big bottle every day. She gets four feedings of 1/2 gallon of milk. That’s 2 gallons of milk every day!

Wow! That’s a lot of milk!

Have a great week! Try new things! Learn new things!

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