The Chickens Help Clean the Fridge

 I cleaned the refrigerator last night. There were a lot of leftovers that no one in our family was going to eat.

I got a whole bucket full of leftovers!

One thing that’s nice about living on a farm is that the animals will eat our leftovers.

The chickens and turkeys really liked the refrigerator leftovers for breakfast this morning. They liked it better than their regular chicken food.

Do you see that pile of leftovers?
Some of the pile is spaghetti noodles that we didn’t want to reheat.
Chickens love spaghetti noodles!
I think it reminds them of worms…. yuck.

Do you see the two turkeys? One is dark and one is gray.
The dark one is Brownie, the gray one is Graycie.
They are both girls, and lay lots of eggs in the spring and summer.

Did you know you can eat turkey eggs? They taste just like chicken eggs, but they are bigger and have brown spots on them. I’ll post some pictures of turkey eggs in the spring when they start laying again.

The chickens didn’t really come into the house and help clean the fridge last night. They just ate all the leftovers breakfast. That’s a help because we aren’t throwing food in the trash.

Do you know who else eat leftovers?

River, our milk goat, helps with leftovers, too!
She loves eating banana peels.

All the animals like stale bread, old waffles, and leftover fruits and vegetables. We almost never throw away food. 

*     *     *     *     *

We also have a barn cat. She’s old, we can’t remember when we got her. She’s been here at least 12 years.

This is her favorite spot in the winter.

She has a little ‘nest’ on the blanket that covers the hose in the winter. We have the hose coiled up on a heated dog bed to keep it from freezing in the winter.

I cover the whole pile with an old car windshield cover that helps to keep the heat in.

Midnight sleeps inside the little hut where it’s warm and cozy at night.

She loves living in the barn. Sometimes she comes to the back door of the house, but she never comes in. She likes her barn much better than the house.

Have a great week!

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