The Doeling Gets a Name

Thanks for coming on the virtual field trip last week! I hope you had fun and enjoyed seeing the animals. I’m so sorry you couldn’t come in person.

The new goat kid has a name! Her name is Milly because it rhymes with Lilly, her mom.

Last week she had trouble with her right front hoof.
We put a splint on it on Saturday and took it off Wednesday.

It didn’t take very long for her to get back to running and jumping and playing. Can you hear Lilly calling her?

The little boy that bought Mia and Tia loves them!
It looks like they love him, too.
They like their new home.
They got along with the lambs and the other goat kids right away.

We love it when our goats get to go to a place where people will take good care of them. We know they will have a good life on this farm.

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