Trimming Goat Hooves

Does your mom trim your fingernails? Maybe you do it yourself.

Goat hooves grow just like human fingernails, and they need to be trimmed every few months.

I use a different type of clippers for goat hooves that I do for my fingernails. We call them hoof trimmers.

You definitely don’t want to use these on your fingernails! Yikes!

Usually the goats stand pretty still while I trim their hooves after they have had it done a few times. The first few times I do it, they dance around a little because they are nervous.

They are all happier when they get their hooves trimmed. It’s almost like getting brand new shoes that feel great and help you run and walk faster.

New Chicken Feeders

Like most people we have had the hanging feeders for a long time. They work well, but don’t protect the food from rain and snow.

Mice can climb down the rope that hangs the feeder and get into the feed, too. Mice carry sicknesses that we don’t want on the farm.

I got a small feeder and a GIANT chicken feeder from my friend Amy at Revolutionary Chicken. She build it especially for me. She’s such a nice friend!

The small feeder will feed 12 chickens.

The GIANT feeder will feed 28 chickens. How do I know how many chickens each feeder will be able to feed?

It’s easy math. Each white port, where the chickens stick their head in to find food, will feed 4 chickens.

I wanted 2 feeders because sometimes friends will bring me chickens that they can’t keep anymore. Sometimes they need to move and can’t take their chickens with them when they go.

I need a space for the new chickens while they get used to the farm. I will use the small feeder inside the ‘new chicken room’ that I section off inside my coop. The old chickens and new chickens can see each other, and they can learn to be friends through the fence before I let them all be together in the barnyard.

The ‘new chicken room’ also helps the new chickens learn where their new home is. I don’t want them wandering around the neighborhood looking for their old home.

Baby Goats

The new goat kids are doing well! The little one that almost died is doing great! His mama took him back so I don’t need to bring him a bottle 3 or 4 times a day. He’s still really friendly and comes up to me whenever I go out in the barnyard.

They love to run and play, unless I’m out there watching them. Then I can’t seem to get a video of them jumping around. Did you notice that I took their sweaters off? It’s warm enough that they don’t need them anymore. I bet you don’t need your heavy winter coat anymore, either.

Here’s a fun photo from a few years ago when we had Saanen goats.

This week I’m working hard getting the farm ready for Farm Day in a few weeks. I have a lot of cleaning up after winter. Are you helping your parents do some Spring Cleaning at your house? It’s not always fun. I don’t always like doing it, either. But when it’s done it looks so nice so I just dig in and do the work.

I hope you have a wonderful week playing outside in the sunshine! Spring is finally here!

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