Trimming Hooves and Treats

Welcome back!

I hope you had a good week. We had a busy week so I forgot to post the Mountain Monday photo. I’ll remember to take the photos this week. Do you get busy sometimes and forget to do things, too?

Do you like treats?

Animals like treats, too!

Misty is asking for a treat this morning.
She knows I have fruit snacks on the shelf.

All the goats love fruit snacks. This morning Misty was very excited for them!

When food gets too old for people, it is still good for the animals. We have friends who know that we can use the food for our animals so instead of throwing the food away, they give it to us. The fruit snacks that Misty is eating are about 3 years old. Those are too old and too hard for kids to eat, but the goats love them!

*     *     *     *    *     *

The dogs love to go out to the barn. They love the animals, and they love to run and play outside. Children love recess, going out to the barn is just like recess for the dogs.

If you come to our house and say, “Ready!” the dogs would come running just like this!
Scout thinks it’s his job to keep an eye on the cat when he’s out in the barn.
He also likes to keep an eye on the chickens when they are inside the barn.
Do you have jobs to do at home? Do you have jobs to do in the classroom? 
We work together on the farm just like you work together in your classroom and in your family. Sometimes our jobs are hard work, sometimes our jobs are easy. Jobs are important because they teach us to be responsible and help one another.
*     *     *     *    *     *

Last week I promised that I would show you how we trim the goat’s hooves. Goats need their hooves trimmed just like you need your fingernails trimmed.

Are you thinking, “Ewwww! Yuck!”
I think that, too. It’s a yucky job because of all the dirt on their hooves.
I make sure I wash my hands when I’m done.
Misty’s hooves are all trimmed.
It’s easier for her to walk when her hooves are trimmed correctly.
Misty is getting chubby! That’s because she is going to have a baby soon!
Do you see how fuzzy she looks? That’s her winter coat.

*     *     *     *    *     *
This chicken always jumps up on the coop to say hello to me in the morning.
I think she’s very pretty!

Every once in a while we see a chicken taking a ride on the back of a goat.
We wonder if she is warming her cold feet.
The goats don’t mind.
Do you ever get piggy-back rides from someone bigger than you?
Is it fun?

I thought you might like to see the three cows this morning.
I love looking at the animals in the morning.
It’s a lot of work to take care of them, but being around them every day is so enjoyable!
*     *     *     *    *     *
I hope you have a wonderful week! Your job this week is to learn as much as you can at school!

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