Trimming Hooves

Someone showed up this morning that we haven’t seen in the past month!

Our grey turkey hen showed up in the chicken pen this morning!
We haven’t seen her in at least a month.
I wonder where she’s been hiding?
I wonder where she found food during the winter?
I hope she stays around! Last year she hatched out 11 baby turkeys and it was so much fun to have that many little turkeys running around.
This is a picture of the baby turkeys from last spring.
I hope she makes a nest and hatches out more eggs this year!
*     *     *     *     *     *
Last week I told you that River had a sore hoof.
She still has a sore hoof so we’ve put her in a stall by herself
so she doesn’t get hurt playing with the other goats.

She’s still limping so we’re being careful with her, and making sure her hooves stay well trimmed so the hoof can heal.
Do you or your one of your parents trim your fingernails? I have to trim goat hooves, too. Hooves grow like fingernails but it’s more important to trim hooves and take care of them because goats walk on them.
Are you thinking, “Ewwww! Yuck!”
I think that, too. It’s a yucky job because of all the dirt on their hooves.
I make sure I wash my hands when I’m done.
Goats don’t usually mind getting their hooves trimmed. Sometimes I give them a treat when I’m done trimming just because I they like treats.
Do you like fruit snacks? So do the goats! I love it when people give us food that’s not good enough for people, but still good enough for goats!
Have you done something kind for someone else today? I hope so! I’m still trying to do something kind to someone else every day. 
Sometimes I have a hard time finding something kind to do, and sometimes I forget. If I don’t do well one day, I remember that I can try again later to day, and I can do better tomorrow!

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