Vet2Be got a call in late July from his FFA advisor.

“Want to raise some turkeys?”

We decided a few years ago to NEVER raise turkeys again because we couldn’t keep them in the yard. We found them 2 1/2 blocks away once!

Well, we decided that since these were the fast growing turkeys and they are raised specifically for an FFA contest, we would give it another try.

These turnkeys are about 8 weeks old.

They grow really fast! Vet2Be will enter two, one hen and one tom, in the FFA show in late October or November. They process all the birds and then judge two of them.

I have no idea what will happen to them after that.

But I really, really, really want at least one of them for Thanksgiving! And maybe another one for Christmas!

Home-grown turkey is sooooo tasty!

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