We had a fun group of visitors today. There were some old friends who come visit the farm when they are in town, some old friends who live nearby us and love to come visit, and some new friends.

We had a great morning!

We headed out to visit the animals after we had breakfast.

The first stop was to visit the smelly buck
and the two does that are being bred.
We stopped to see the chickens and turkeys eating the garden leftovers.
We watched through the fence because the chickens and turkeys
don’t like people close by!

We visited with Zeek and Stew.
Zeek is the buck, Stew is the black sheep.

Stew and Zeek.

We spent some time feeding the goats banana peels and leftover bananas.

These kiddos don’t live near a farm.
Sometimes being around animals can be a little scary.
The adults helped the kids pet and touch the animals.

She’s not quite sure what to think about the farm!

Everyone asked questions and wanted to know about
the animals.

The last animals we visited were the chickens and turkeys.
We all had a fun morning!

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