Vitamins and Bananas

The goats got tired of ‘Vitamin Sandwiches‘ so I came up with another way to get them to eat their vitamins. We have trained our goats to eat bananas. Some of them loved bananas when they first got here, others took a few months (Clover-the Nubian) to almost 2 years (Janice-the Saanen from a real dairy) before they liked them.

Each goat gets 1 multi-vitamin and 1 Vitamin C each day. Ginger (the goat with ‘udder acne’) also gets 2 zinc pills each day to help her skin.

I cut a banana into 5 pieces (we have 4 milking goats and 1 buck) and push a multi-vitamin in one end and a Vitamin C in the other end. The mushier the banana is, the easier it is to push the pills in.

One banana and the pills ready to go.

You can see the vitamins stuck in the ends of the banana pieces.

These goats love bananas! It doesn’t bother them one bit to have vitamins inside. This is much easier than making vitamin sandwiches. It is probably cheaper, too, since I am not using molasses every day.

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