Warm Weather for the Bees

Yay! The weather is warming up enough for the bees to really be out and about. The other day on my walk I heard one tree just buzzing! It was so loud that I thought there must be a swarm in the tree. It wasn’t, it just happened to be the bees favorite pollen source for the day!

I really should take my camera on my walks.

The new top entrance, they love it!

Bottom entrance.

We have 4 more nucs of bees coming on Saturday to be installed on Sunday. Hopefully I can get some more photos of the installation.

Hubby is installing Carneolins and Italians. The Italians will be up at our end of the county. The Carneolins will be down south. One hive is styrofoam, the other a standard hive. We’ll see which hive does better.

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