Weekend at Bryce Canyon


One question a lot of people have is, “How do you go on vacation when we have a farm?”

We are very lucky! We always have someone who wants to be a farmer for the weekend or even longer. Many families don’t want to take care of everything full time, but they want the experience of doing it for a short time.

This time our son, Matthew, stayed home and took care of everything. He also took care of the dogs who had just been fixed (so we won’t have puppies again.)

Have you been to Bryce Canyon in Utah? It’s beautiful!

We hiked Navajo Trail, and we visited quite a few of the lookouts. We did it all in one day, which was fun but hard.

The Bristlecone Pine trees were beautiful! I didn’t realize how old they got! The bus driver told us that if you can touch your finger and thumb around the trunk of the tree, it is already 200 years old. This one is much older.

The rock at the top looks like Queen Victoria, so that’s what it is called. Can you see the dragon following her?

That might make a good story, if you like writing stories!

This is one of my favorite photos. This is Queen Victoria’s Garden, and we were there just in time to have the sun behind this formation.

What a beautiful and wonderful day we had!

Favorite Animals

Thanks for the question, Tanner. I think my favorite indoor animal is my dog, Mishka.

Mishka got fixed a few weeks ago so she can’t have puppies again. She is sweet, and snuggly, and often full of energy. She makes a good farm dog, but she probably wouldn’t be a good dog for someone in an apartment or a family that only had a small yard.

I hope one day I can get a video of her working on the agility course we have in the barnyard. I bet you would all enjoy seeing her jump on buckets and weave around poles.

Bringing Your Pets to My Farm

No, it is never a good idea to bring your dog or your pet to a farm. Our dogs are very protective of the barnyard animals. Your dog might not be good around farm animals or farm dogs.

It’s always best to bring your dog to a dog park so he can make new friends. Thank you for asking such an important question!

When an Animal Dies

That is a wonderful question! And a difficult one to answer.

When it is our pet that dies, we are very sad and we cry.

When our favorite cow, Echo, died last year, we cried a lot! She was the best cow any family could ask for. She loved visitors, she was a great mom, she gave a lot of milk, and she was so easy to be around. I didn’t worry about little kids coming over because she was so gentle with them.

JJ, the dog on the right, died last month. We were very sad and cried when she died. Scout, the dog on the left, is getting very old. He has a hard time seeing and hearing now. We will cry when he dies. We love our dogs.

We also are sad when we put an animal in the freezer. But we know that animal had a good life and was well cared for. We are like many people who like to raise a garden, as well as raising animals to eat.

That might sound gross to you, but we give them the happiest life while they are with us. We also believe that humans and animals are very different. Our responsibility is to care for them and raise them properly so they will provide meat for our family.

We still cry and have a hard day anytime we are ready to put livestock in the freezer. We are also very, very grateful every time we eat a meal. Probably more grateful than most people who buy their meat at the grocery store or the burger place.

Riding Cows

No, we don’t ride our cows.

There are some cowboys who are bull riders! I’ve seen them and I think they are crazy!

Our cows eat hay cubes and pasture grass. They also get a little grain and some mineral supplement to help them stay healthy. They have plenty of water. Cows also like having a shelter so they can get out of the wind and rain. Cows like having some shade in the summer, too.

Stormy is on the left. She is a little bit over 1 year old.

MissE is eating breakfast. She’s about 4 years old. We are hoping that we can get her pregnant so she will have a calf next year. Then we’ll have cow milk again! It’s delicious!

New Hens

Do you remember the Easter Egger chicks? They are all feathered out and ready to go in with the rest of the flock. I’ll open the fence for them tonight so they can sleep with the older hens. They are beautiful! My friend came last night to get the two I raised for her. She’s so happy to have beautiful chicks that will lay colored eggs.

Bert, the Lamb

Bert is still our happy little lamb. He won’t grow much more than this. He’ll always stay small, and very friendly.

He might be my favorite barnyard animal. I’m not sure, though. I love them all.

We had a great Fall Break. I hope you did, too.

Have a great week!

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