Welcome Back to Welcome Home Farm

My sister painted this sign for me earlier this year. I love it!
If you’re ever in Connecticut, you should stop by her restaurant and meet her.

Welcome to Welcome Home Farm

It’s a new school year! We’re glad you’re visiting us on the blog. I love to answer your questions and show you our little farm. Our farm is in the middle of a small city. Sometimes that’s wonderful because we have lots of visitors, and we are close to everything. We don’t have to worry about wild animals coming into our barnyard and causing trouble with our farm animals.

Sometimes it’s hard because cities are noisy!

Why Do I Want to Live on a Farm?

You are welcome to write questions for me to answer. You can leave a comment, or you can write a question and put it in the box in the classroom. Mrs. Hahn will show you where my mailbox is in your room.

This question was from last year. Brooklyn isn’t in your class this year. She had a good question, but it was at the end of the year so I couldn’t answer it.

I want to live on a farm because I get to be around livestock (animals found on a farm) and I like to work in my garden. It is a lot of work! It takes a few hours every day.

This is Bert, our mini-sheep. He’s so friendly!
This is Bramble. He is the same age as Bert, but he’s much bigger. He already has his horns. He is beautiful! He was born earlier this spring on our farm.

I like listening to the sounds that the animals make. I like taking care of baby animals, and watching them grow into adult animals. I like planting the garden and taking care of it during the summer.

I like being outside. I like walking out to the barn every morning and seeing the mountains. I like the days it’s cloudy and rainy because that means the grass in the pasture is growing. I like sunny days because that also helps grass and garden plants grow. I like watching the colors change on the mountains in the fall. I like to see the snow on the tops of the mountains in the winter. I like to see when the mountains start to grow green grass in the spring.

Sometimes it’s hard to live on a farm because animals die. Sometimes it’s hard because the garden doesn’t grow as well as I had hoped. Sometimes its hard because its very cold in the winter or very hot in the summer.

I like the way I feel when I’m working on the farm.

What is Your Favorite Spot on the Farm?

That is a hard question! I have lots of favorite spots on my farm. I love inside the barn, out in the garden, and I like our new greenhouse.

This is our grape arbor. We’ll get lots of grapes this year. It is so fun to see this spot all covered with vines. I love to look at it and imagine having a hidden party underneath.

The chickens like to have little parties under the grape arbor, too! They love scratching through the wood chips to find bugs. That is not something I want to eat at a party, but the chickens love it.

This is going to be one of my favorite places on the farm. It doesn’t look like a greenhouse, does it.

It is!

It will look a lot like a shed when it’s finished. The wall facing south (where the ladder is leaning) will be covered with a special greenhouse plastic. We will be able to grow some plants almost all year long. The white panels are made of styrofoam. That helps to keep the greenhouse warmer in the winter. There is no electricity in the greenhouse. It will stay warm because of the styrofoam walls, and the sun coming in through the plastic. I’m excited to show you more this winter!

Do You Like Chicks?

Yes, I like chicks. I like chicken chicks, and turkey chicks. I’m getting some new chicks that will grow into chickens this week.

I have baby turkeys right now. Some will be on our farm. Some will go to two other farms once they get all their feathers. I’ll keep you updated so you can see how they grow. These turkeys are about 1 week old. They are already starting to get some feathers.

They need to be on special ‘baby turkey’ food. Human babies need special food, too. Most baby animals need special food to help them grow and stay healthy.

My chicks all get a scoop of this in their water, too. It helps them stay healthy. Your parent might have you take vitamins. This is similar to vitamins. Once the get a little older they will also get another supplement to help them stay healthy.

I hatched these two chickens in my incubator this spring. My friend gave me some of her eggs to hatch out. It was a fun project!


I also like to see the silly things that animals do on the farm. This is Stormy. She was born here last August. She loves to stand in the kiddy pool that I have for the ducks. She gets hot in the summer and this helps her cool off.

I hope you enjoyed your first (or return) visit to our little farm! I hope you have a wonderful week. I look forward to answering the questions you have about our farm this year.

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