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Welcome, First Graders!

Hello! I hope you are enjoying your new school year.

There is lots to learn this year, for you and for me!

I love to learn new things even when it’s hard work. We learn often learn new things on the farm and when we are working at our other jobs.

Today is your first visit if you are in First Grade. Some of you may be back from last year, too! Welcome!

You are always welcome to ask questions by writing me notes, or by leaving a question in the comment section after the post. I do my best to answer them.

The name of our farm is Welcome Home Farm because we love to welcome new animals and new visitors. We hope everyone who visits is happy while they are here.

The first thing I do when I go out to the barn in the morning to start my chores is to let out the chickens.

How many chickens did you count?

I say hi to Echo, our milk cow.

Next I give the goats some vitamins. Clover loves hers! When Clover is happy her tongue sticks out! Clover is the brown goat.

I get the milker hooked up and I start milking Echo. I’ll show you more about that another day.

Do you see the chicken? She comes in every morning to clean up the bits of grain that Echo drops while she’s eating her breakfast.

Then I milk the goats.

This is what Annie looks like before I milk her.
This is what Annie looks like after I milk her.
She gives about 1 gallon of milk each morning.
I give the cat a little drink of goat milk.
She waits patiently under the milk stand for her treat every morning!
These are two baby goats. They have grown so much this summer! They were born in the spring.
Serenity is the goat on the left. River is the goat on the right.
They stay with Echo now so they don’t drink milk from their mothers anymore.
I hope you enjoyed your first visit today. I’ll introduce you to more animals next week.
Have a week full of learning and adventure!

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