Who Do We Keep?

We will have to make a decision as to which kid to keep and which to sell. Both are registered, and both have different strengths. Our good friend drove 40 minutes to help us make a decision.

Lizzie. Good topline, good slope on her end, nice looking little doeling. She is about 2 months old.

Lizzie’s udder and escutcheon.

Annie. Nice shoulders, good topline. No photos of her escutcheon, but it wasn’t quite as good as Annie’s in our friend’s opinion. A little cow-hocked, but she may grow out of it. Has a bit of color so she may have to be registered as a Sable. Sometimes the color fades in the winter so we will wait and see before we send in the registration papers.

In the end we decided to keep them both through the summer and show them both. Then we will breed them with they reach 80 pounds. We will probably keep Annie because our friend said although Annie had ‘busy shoulders’ she had a good top line and some other good features. If she was going to pick one to keep, it would be Annie.

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