Wild Fires

This is a fire burning near our house. It’s about 5 miles away up the mountain. We’re safe, and there is really no chance of it burning the area between the mountain and here.

About 80 homes have been evacuated in the town where the fire is burning.

There are so many fires burning in our state right now, and throughout the west. We are all praying for rain.


My son-in-law took this photo from the roof of his parent’s home which is right next door to our home. That’s our barn in the center of the photo.

We’ve had 4 families within an hour that have offered to take us in, and our animals, if the fire gets close. We’ve got so many wonderful friends!

We’re praying for rain and cooler weather out here. We’re praying for better weather throughout the United States. It seems that almost everywhere is experiencing extreme difficulties right now.

We are all hoping that your family is safe this 4th of July!

The link for the other photos is here. And some spectacular black and white photos are here.

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