Winter in March

Winter came last night.

A bit late, but we need the water so I’m not complaining.

It doesn’t look like much snow because the wind was blowing so hard. Not much snow stayed on the roof or fences.
Ooops. Hubby forgot to close the grill last night. Yes, he grills even in winter. We had grilled chicken last night. But the storm didn’t start until about 9:00 PM so it wasn’t a problem.
High winds last night meant that it snowed in the barn, too.
This year Hubby put a heater on the water pipe. Although it doesn’t really freeze, it gets stiff enough that the handle is hard to work. One year that resulted in a part moving and we couldn’t shut the water off. The heater keeps the pipe above freezing and we haven’t had any trouble with the pump this year.

I love the snow! It’s cold, but it’s so beautiful as it covers the brown winter ground. Everything looks lovely and clean.

And even when the wind blows and rattles the windows, winter feels quiet.

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