Wire Egg Basket

I ran across an ad for a wire egg basket and washing kit. (Stromberg‘s).

Sounds nice, but I didn’t want to pay $130.95 for the set.

So I looked around for wire baskets, they were still pretty pricey.

We usually bring the eggs into the house in an old plastic honey container that doesn’t have a handle. But that also brings in straw, which doesn’t go down the disposal very well.

I’m a little slow–or maybe it is just that we are still newbies and that’s why I never thought of using a wire basket to bring the eggs in with.

I thought if I could find a really cheap wire basket at the thrift store, that might just do the trick. I would love to leave more hay and straw out in the barnyard!

I found one for $1.50! And Vet2Be promptly took a hammer to all the cute little beads that were decorating the butterfly wings… which is just fine with me!

Dirty eggs in our new egg basket. Mostly duck eggs because the ducks like to get their work done early in the day. Chickens get their work done when they get around to it, which is rarely first thing in the morning.

We tried it yesterday and it worked great! Probably not as well as a basket that has circular wires, so I’ll keep watching at the thrift store for something more like a ‘real’ egg basket. It’s close to Easter so I am fairly sure that there will be one somewhere!

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