Yes, Echo is Pregnant!

Yes! Echo is pregnant!

She also is disease free. We knew that, but sometimes it’s nice to have the veterinarian check just to make sure that she is healthy.

Echo’s calf is due November 26

Sometimes cows deliver their calf right on time, sometimes they are a day or two late. Echo is due right before Thanksgiving. We’ll see if she has her calf right on time or if she has a calf on Thanksgiving! Cooking Thanksgiving dinner and taking care of a new calf would be a lot of work on one day!

I let her sleep in the stall last night because it was raining and wet. I didn’t want her sleeping in the mud. Cows are fine if they sleep in the mud, but they get really dirty. I don’t want to spend the extra time cleaning her off before I milk her, so I let her into the stall when the weather is bad.

She’s a sweet, gentle cow and so I spoil her a little.

See how nicely she comes in when it’s time to be milked!

Most of the animals on the farm are nice. We have lots of visitors who aren’t used to being around farm animals. Sometimes people are scared of the goats and the cow so I make sure our animals are friendly and easy-going.

Every farm is different so make sure you check with the farmer to see if their animals are friendly before you visit.

One morning I walked in and saw…. 

None of the animals are afraid of coming into the barn. Once in a while I forget to latch the stall door. What a mess! In come the goats when I leave. When I come back they come running up to me because they are so happy to see me!

But I’m not really happy to see them inside the barn because that’s a big mess to clean up! Food and poo everywhere! Buckets tipped over, and feed on the floor! One glance told me I was going to have extra work this morning!

I love the way Annie just stares at me from the stall door. She knows she’s not supposed to be in the barn. Too bad she can’t help me clean up the mess!

Sometimes the farm is messy because of the rain.

This puddle doesn’t cause any trouble.
It’s out of the way so I 
decided to leave it alone.

I have to walk through this puddle to feed Chuck so I decided to dig a ditch and drain some of the water. This little drainage stream will be a good way for the little pine tree to get water when it rains.

It took me extra time to dig the ditch this morning, but it will save me time later because I won’t have to water the pine tree as much. It will also leave less mud in the pen where I feed Chuck, Side Kick, and Teancum.

Some mornings turn out a little different than I expect. Sometimes I have to clean a mess I don’t expect to find, or fix something, or dig a drainage stream. I wouldn’t trade the unexpected work for anything! I love being on the farm!

This is one thing that I’ve been working on lately. Scout and JJ are very good at waiting, but Mishka is just learning to wait.

Dogs need to learn how to behave properly or they won’t be a good fit for a family or a farm. You’re learning how to do the proper things at the right time, too!

If you have any questions you can write me a note, or leave a question in the comment box and I’ll answer you!

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