Yikes! A Baby Goat is Too Cold!

I went out to the barn on Monday morning and found of Ruby’s bucklings cold and not moving much. I don’t know why she suddenly decided to not feed or care for him after 2 days, but she did.

He wasn’t moving, couldn’t stand, and was very cold.

I brought him inside and wrapped him up in an electric blanket and put him in the warmest room in the house.

When baby animals are so weak and can’t move, they can’t suck on a bottle either. I could tell that he hadn’t eaten in a while because his tummy was really skinny.

I have a friend who showed me how to save the life of a baby animal by using a special tube that can be put down the baby’s throat into his stomach.

I only gave him a little bit at a time because too much milk at once would cause problems, too.

One ounce an hour for 3 hours is not much, but it was enough to save his life. The electric blanket got him warm, and the milk gave him some nourishment.

Within about 4 hours he was up and moving around. Now that he was feeling better and moving around I could feed him a little more each time, and go a little longer between feedings. He could drink about 4 ounces at a time, which is just a small cup-full for you.

That probably doesn’t sound like more than a snack to you, but for a little goat kid, that is plenty.

I moved him to a crate so he could get up and move around. The dogs were very happy to see the little goat inside the crate. They watched him closely to see what he would do.

He was doing so well by Tuesday afternoon that I put him outside in the barn to see if his mama would feed him. She did! That doesn’t always happen. Goats are smart most of the time. Sometimes when a baby is gone for a day they forget the baby is theirs and they won’t take care of it.

Ruby is a wonderful mother and let the little kid nurse on her.

I’m not sure he’s getting enough to eat so I still check on him through out the day. My neighbor loves to come help with the animals so she has come over a few times to give him a bottle.

There have been times when a little goat kid has died. Sometimes because they got too cold, sometimes because there was something wrong with their body so they couldn’t survive. That’s a sad day for us. We’re all glad this little guy is doing well and running around the pasture with his friends.

I bet you are wondering what his name is. He doesn’t have one yet. You are welcome to leave a comment with some suggestions! I’d love to have your help.

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