YouTube Problems

I received an email from YouTube today:

I have no idea what I did or what videos I had that violated their ‘Community Guidelines.’

This is the first email I received about my violations. Nothing was sent earlier.

It seems that YouTube doesn’t like backyard hobby farmers who try to teach kids about animals.

If you go to my YouTube channel, this is what you get.
Because seeing videos of animals being treated well must be wrong.

This isn’t true. Account owners do not receive an email
detailing the reason for the termination.
The first photo is a screen shot of the email I received. 

Neither my blog nor my YouTube channel (Welcome Home Farm) are monetized. I do it because it’s my way to give back to a wonderful community of backyard hobby farmers, help a few people who want to be hobby farmers, and let young kids ask questions and learn about what we do on our farm.

Please be patient as I go back to photos for a while and figure out what’s going on with YouTube.

I’ll try to upload as many videos as possible directly to Blogger. I was thinking of switching to Vimeo, but Blogger and Vimeo don’t talk to each other.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments!

Yes, even when YouTube shuts you down, you don’t have to pass along someone else’s bad behavior to the next person you meet. You can still do something nice for someone else every day.

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